Suspected CS-Outbreak at the Open Ohr Festival 1999

IFA Wartburg is one of the bands performing at the Open Ohr Festival in 1999. A great festival!

But I got a strange feeling that something was not alright. I don´t know why, but I have a supernatural ability to feel things like that.

When we came to the backstage area, Heinz was really tired. I did not mind very much about that, such things are common during long journeys. He had a jet lag after going by train from Düsseldorf down to Mainz which is at least 80 kilometers.

But then he started to act very strange. First he admitted that he had been eating a hamburger at Mc Donald´s and after that he said that he liked Star Gin more than Stalin!

I looked into Heinz blurry eyes. Something was severely wrong with him. A doctor rushed in and started to perform som medical tests on Heinz.

I suspect that Heinz was struck by the Capitalistic Syndrome (CS) after eating that capitalistic hamburger. We are only allowed to eat Ketwurst or Grillettas.


The concert was great anyway and IFA Wartburg performed as wonderful as always. You can listen to the songs here:

Mit freundlichen Grüßen,