Watch out for an odd guy wearing a silly hat.

We have a problem with a guy saying that IFA Wartburg is a Swedish orchestra. Nothing in this is true because IFA Wartburg was created by the government in the DDR and I know everything about the entire organisation behind this group.

The real story is that an odd guy from Sweden smuggled a bag full of Swedish books into us here in the DDR. But his coup failed completely and of course our government took care of that piece of garbage and send the poor guy back home to his mother in Sweden.

We will warn you all about him because he is angry and wants desperately to be in the band. We have told him no several times and that he’d better stay at his mothers house for his own good.

Here you can see two pages of a horrible German grammar book full of stolen IFA Wartburg lyrics.

Zwei Tage in Berlin is a famous IFA Wartburg song.