Huge computer problems solved.

Oh mein Gott, there have been so many administrative problems here at the department lately. Almost all work has been at a standstill for several months due to a gigantic computer problem. Data experts have been fighting like animals around a clock to find a solution. Everyone is now dead tired and just wants to go home for a long sleep.

But this morning something amazing happened. I was in the dining room eating cucumber and margarine when Bärbel from department D34 came by. She noticed that I had a yellow paper stuck to my gluteal muscle.

We examined it together (the note) and realized that the super secret password to this website was written on that note. I blushed when I realized I had been sitting on it for two months. Cheers and thanks for helping us with the computer problem, Bärbel!

Other things going on right now is that we've hired a sound engineer and he's now trying to get all those tape reels spinning.

Da haben ja wir den Salat! Please do not show the password written on it because it is top secret.