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Guten Tag.

My name is Günther Raubschaentze and I am the administrator of this homepage together with STASI and FDJ. My biological name is Human Being or just “Me”.

I have been working for IFA Wartburg since Erich Honecker ordered me to. I know Heinz and Rolf, I have been drinking tea with them and I have assisted them during all of their recording sessions. For example, I drove the tractor that you can hear at the end of the track “Agrarwissenschaft im Dienste des Sozialismus”!

To be perfectly honest, I know everything about IFA Wartburg. But since I am sworn by oath not to disclose anything, I will keep quiet about everything forever. Well, except for what I am publishing on this blog of course.

Many people have asked me about our page updates from such early dates as 1961, which is long before the Internet was invented. The answer is that Internet was invented by STASI and installed quietly everywhere throughout the entire East Germany. You can still find remains of the original STASI-internet in the walls of almost all private residences and hotel rooms.

Another question that is quite common from you readers is why we don´t use the www.ifawartburg.com domain.

We used www.ifawartburg.com initially because .com stands for communism. But since people in the west started to believe that it stood for commerce, we decided to start using the swedish www.ifawartburg.se as the main domain name.

So, don´t be afraid to send us questions. Nothing is weird and we won´t register you or investigate your social network or anything like that. I am working more than full-time to make this site interesting and up to date with the latest information about the East German music group IFA Wartburg. Just let me know what you think and I will help you out!

Have a nice day, all you IFA friends all over the world!

Your always listening friend in East Berlin,



  1. Bryan

    Can you tell me more about this STASI internet? I’m quite surprised the DDR would keep it a secret for 30 years.. Considering it’s quite an achievement that the West could only dream of and be jealous of.

    And, what happened to it?

    • Günther Raubschaentze

      It consisted of hidden wires in each apartment wall. The system was installed by STASI when people were at work (very convenient) without anyone knowing about it. If you said something, the government listened and took action. A wonderful service much like how SIRI and Alexa works today.

  2. Mag (Peasant)

    Dear Mr. Raubschaentze,

    I have worked hard to bring socialism to the US of A. Alas, my efforts have been repeatedly crushed by the forces of reaction!
    With your immense experience in the field of spreading the revolutionary spirit to the youths of Germany, could you please give me any tips on how to achieve the same here in the US?
    I haven’t got musical masterminds, nor state backing, but I have a banjo and lots of determination!

    Thank you for your consideration, love, Maggie!

    • Günther Raubschaentze

      The best thing is to make people jealous by showing your happy face while driving your Trabant and eating pickled cucumber from an East German can.

    • Günther Raubschaentze

      The last time it disappeared it had got stuck between your buttocks. Have you lost the inspection mirror I gave you?

    • Günther Raubschaentze

      Ah, that was nice to hear. Are you starving in Los Angeles? I have read about the famine and poverty in the West.

    • Günther Raubschaentze

      Radish is a good flavor. And plain water of course. I am also very fond of ice cream that is fresh. Most often, our ice cream is served deep-frozen these days.

  3. Jan Lewandowski

    Hello from PRL!
    It’s good to see that someone is keeping the legacy of such great band as IFA Wartburg.
    The archives you post on YouTube bring a tear to my eye.

    Long live the Warsaw Pact!
    towarzysz Jan Lewandowski

    • Günther Raubschaentze

      Nice to hear that you appreciate our work. Currently we are only 3500 people working here in the office (summer season) but we will soon be back with full staff in the fall!

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