Inform your Government!

Music is a truly wonderful source of eternal enjoyment! But be aware of evil forces turning innocent melodies into something that can be degenerated. Karl Marx wrote about this in his book Das Hospital:

“Western music is something that arouses disgust and the feeling of serious illness.”

In conclusion, music tends to be rotten in western compost-modernistic era. We can turn the world into a better place by removing ugly music.

Above all, we must bring its listeners to court. 

You can clearly see how much better music is nowadays thanks to our wonderful informants.

So if you have seen anything suspicious or heard ugly music. Please report it to us by using the form below.

Thank you!
Günther Raubschaentze


    • Günther Raubschaentze

      Well, if old comrades die (which unfortunately happens and that is always really sad) they are usually cremated if that is explicitly written in their last will. The only matter that will be left is some ashes which must be handled with the greatest reverence and respect.

  1. J. D. Turkmeister

    Dear Gunther

    I was right in the middle of eating my currywurst when a Trotskyite jumped out of the bushes and rudely interrupted. What do I do?

    J. D. Turkmeister

    • Günther Raubschaentze

      How did you become a Turkmeister? Did you also attend the advanced extra training course in Jena in the spring of 1987?

  2. Tanner Dohr

    Herr Raubschaentze
    I was in the Kaufhalle and suddenly western capitalist music started playing through the intercom. I noticed my cashier was dancing to it! They are trying to upend our pure socialist order, what should I do?

  3. Dear Günther Raubschaentze
    I love ifa wartburg the best music I’ve ever heard! Unlike the stupid capitalist
    Music here in the US of A anytime I possibly can I listen to ifa wartburg
    Socialism and communism is good
    My favorite songs are freie deutsch jugend kosmokost Das Mauer power
    Hey radiofunker Biologie und pathology des weibes please respond if possible!
    From -budd neer

  4. Mateo Williams

    Dear Gunther,

    My sister has often criticize socialist music, I don’t want her in trouble so I am wary to report. How do I get her to embrace socialist music? What should I do?

    Mit freundlichen Grüßen,
    Mateo Williams

    • Günther Raubschaentze

      You can never force people to like certain music, but one thing you can try is to lock her in a very small room and tell her through the keyhole that you won’t let her out until she promises to like those records. After all, you’re only doing this because you want to be kind to her, right?

  5. Comrade Cumbuck

    Comrade günter! Our party comrades has begin to question the no reply buttion,
    we wish to speak to our party congress directly!

    But, first of all! The party congress demand satisfaction towards an live performance of this greatest of Bands his planet!

    Whenever possible!


    • Günther Raubschaentze

      Comrade Cumbuck,

      It is doubtful whether it is possible to question the party congress, even if I can agree to a small degree.

      We will listen through some tapes from the latest congress here and see how the tape ends meet.
      Tapes from the Party Congress

  6. Deinpolischesfreund

    I have noticed that my neighbor has been listening to some degenerate music (non-IFA Wartburg) what should I do? Who should I report him too? How can I help guide him into embracing Socialist music?

    • Günther Raubschaentze

      Yes we know everything about him and will send him pictures showing the inside of an ear that have been exposed to ugly music for a long time.

  7. Comrade Chum

    Comrade Günter! Comrade Günter!

    We have tried to intercept your stick-it-transmission, but some [And i do say some Comrades] Have expressed concerns about the vagueness of the note.

      • Comrade Chum

        Comrade Günter our hard working scientists have been at work, craking the code, but it is impossible with sutch an lov quality image,

        • Günther Raubschaentze

          Luckily! Only STASI has magnifying glasses strong enough to see such small things. In other words: The password is safe!

          • Comrade Chum

            Comrade Gûnter.

            We have alot of comrades in our party sending letters about when our band is going to peform. The party high commetiee has decided an binding resolution to play “Frau Gorbatschowa tanzt Bossanova” At any meeting.

            We can’t hold back the masses, we need dates for when the band is going to perform!

          • Günther Raubschaentze

            Dear Comrade Scrum.

            Hauptmann Czebrzeszyn Van der Brzęczyszczykiewicz-Następstw is in charge at the Department for live performances and he want to see his name in lights during the gig. So I hired fifteen neon technicians to build a neon light with his name on. Have patience!

            Making a Neon Sign.

  8. avtomobil

    Good day günther.

    I have greatly enjoyed this kommunist entertainment.
    To the point where i am willing to spend some of the east german mark i earned in the factory on merschandïce. I am trying to get one of your beatyfull cd’s, “im dienste des socialismus” specificly. I am going to use it to convert some of the filthy capitalists to the way of marx. My genosse, do you know where one could get the cd? It will greatly help support the cause of bringing the revolution to workers everwhere.

    • Günther Raubschaentze

      Listening to music is very overrated. Better to read the notes when you take walk in the park for example.

  9. Zerinski

    Ok, hello, comrade Günther. I think in my country (Russia) we have many statues of Lenin, but not enough of Ernst Telmann! I LOVE HIM!
    Can you use your abilities in ministry culture?
    Thanks for attention,

    • Günther Raubschaentze

      Ernst Thälmann was a bit too much of a capitalist for my taste. And he had a very small head so the statue would not look like him at all (statues have much bigger heads).

  10. Vesyloye

    Hello comrade! I have been listening to this wonderful band for a few months now, and I am wondering if they are still creating music, are they?

    Best Regards, Comrade Vesyloye, Ministry of Music.

    • Günther Raubschaentze

      Hello comrade!

      All our production units currently work full time here at the Ministry of Culture. Our goal is to find a way to safely approach musical instruments without risking public health. A committee has presented a national assignment focusing on risk assessments. On the whole, we are currently making great progress.

  11. Bryan

    I’m quite desperate. Literally everyone I know listens to this evil band called ‘BTS’. I don’t understand how someone could screw up the art of music so much like them!

    It has come to the point where I find their evil propaganda all over my neighbourhood. (And on Twitter, but let’s just not discuss that.)

    I’ve never felt so insecure in the place I’ve called home my entire life so much since their arrival.

    What do I do?

    • Günther Raubschaentze

      Dear Bryan,

      We understand your concerns about this Korean pop band because “BTS” does not even come from North Korea!

      The best thing you can do is to buy a daily newspaper in which you cut a tiny little peephole. Then visit a public park, enjoy some turnip, drink distilled water and just take notes about every suspicious person you see through that paper.

      Write your report. Choose a silent typewriter who looks western just to blend in socially.

      Send the report to us.

      • Bryan

        Hello, Günther.

        I have been following your instructions for a bit..
        I have found a lot of people wearing ‘Blaue Jeans’..
        And, I have found a few women carving ‘BTS’ propaganda again..

        But, the problem with this is not being noticed with the hole in the Newspaper.

        I probably got asked ‘why’ a hundred times, causing me to leave early because I didn’t want the government to catch on too early.

        • Günther Raubschaentze

          These people are capitalists so they have odd views about what is weird and not. Just scream “I am mankind!”(bedeutet that you are kind to every man) over and over again to convince them that you are 100% normal. Then just carry on reading newspaper/taking notes.

          • Bryan

            Are you sure this isn’t a way to literally get myself in that hole in the newspaper instead? (Which’d get me into heaps of trouble with the government.)

            Since, well, Capitalists are kind of like that..

          • Bryan

            OK, Günther..
            Something serious.

            I was overhearing a couple of young men while ‘reading’ the newspaper.
            Turns out, they want to get rid of the DDR for good, by going to Ernst Thälmann Island, and invading it!
            (These guys were clearly horrendously capitalist, blue jeans, McDonalds, Coca Cola…)

            I just thought this would be useful intel and a sign that the Capitalists are coming for a Round 2.

          • Günther Raubschaentze

            Oh, they will never succeed because the common man love socialism more than anything else here on Earth.

          • Bryan

            Are you sure, Günther? Since, well, you see a lot of anti-socialist/communist propaganda everywhere. And, then what’s up with the West?

            Also, rumour has it the evil ‘BTS’ might go on a tour.. It might bring some interesting intel.

  12. Alexander

    My dad keeps singing theese songs from some wanna be rock bands from the west like The Scorpion. What should I do?

  13. Nimba Sturm

    For a long time I have noticed that our local bus driver never looks happy. In addition, he does not look like Joseph Stalin enough to make me feel secure. He should hum a happy tune everyday at work.

    • Günther Raubschaentze

      If I was you, I would sneak around and inform all her neighbours and friends about her strange behaviour (just to be kind).

      • Gerrit Johan

        Comrade Günther,
        Surely a man of such socialist stature as yourself may use the might of the GDR and afford glasses of the highest magnitude and quality made in the most glorious of factories! It is unsocialist of you to suggest otherwise. I’m afraid I will have to report you for this cowardice.

        Gerrit Johan

        • Günther Raubschaentze

          Sorry but I had to special order these glasses because I fall off the stage every now and then and my glasses break. But with these new super glasses, it doesn’t matter one bit when I thump down.

          Please don’t report me. Sometimes I fall from a height of more than five meters so I am certainly not a coward.


  14. Uli Knödel

    My ridiculous son-in-law sings in a choir and he looks like comrade Josef Stalin at the same time.
    Is that healthy?

    The name of the choir is F Demented

    • Günther Raubschaentze

      Making fun of Joseph Stalin by looking like him is a serious hate crime. I understand that you want to make this stop. Where is your son-in-law right now? Please send us all information you have about him.

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