The celebration of Workers Day 2024 ended in tragedy

Comrade Heinz Klinger volunteered as a "Helfer Der Volkspolizei" at the celebration of this important highlight. The atmosphere was good as decided.

Suddenly Heinz sinks to the ground and panic breaks out. His face is dripping with red liquid and we suspect the worst.

Doctors and some police officers quickly find the perpetrator. It turns out to be a man who just bought a Grilletta. He was about to spray it with tomato sauce when he misaimed and accidentally sprayed the tomato sauce in Heinz's face.

The attacker said sorry and was just about to start eating the evidence when the police arrested him and took him away.

Never forget this insidious attack on our democracy! In the end, capitalism is always to blame for all the evil in our world.

Never let fascism win!
The slipover was unharmed
The fine armband also escaped unscathed.
The Grilletta that the terrorist used during the attack (Police picture).
Oh what a mess! Think how badly this could have ended if the authorities had not acted so quickly.