An important song about genital diseases

One thing that have been hard for me to understand is why we people living here in the East have such different perceptions compared to people in the West. Everyone knows that many in the West have problems with sexual activites; something that we socialists don´t have.

What is normal and what is not? I can never see a matter of argument, because our arguments are based on the truth. I would like to tell you more about my thoughts here:

I once read about a capitalist who only wanted to walk around in his dusty room and read books about female genital diseases. This man was completely destroyed by money, he had no comrades and he could only eat hamburgers. The rest of the time he was sitting in front of his television set, marinating his brain with capitalistic lies all day long.

One day the TV broke down and the poor guy compensated for this by start reading books about female genital diseases. That was the only thing that could tickle his degenerated nerve system from now on.

He kept these books in a large vitrine and read them day and night. He could look at all these medical color images for hours an every night he was dreaming about genitals mutilated by diseases.

I told Heinz and Rolf about this sad person and they immediately decided to write a song about him. After all, we are in the same boat, everyone living on this planet. All people are equal. Yes, except for people who only read books about female genital diseases of course.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen,


  1. Szymon

    Hi, do you maybe have lyrics to this song? I can’t find them anywhere. Could you send them if you have them?

    • Günther Raubschaentze

      Well, it is something like this:

      Er geht jeder Tag in seiner Raum
      dort er wirklich seiner Traum
      von dem etwas man versteht ja kaum.
      Er ist natürlich nicht wie mich und Sie
      er ist sogar vielmehr sowie
      ein Tollpatsch der nur denkt an
      Biologie und Pathologie
      Biologie und Pathologie des Weibes.

      Er hat ein intresse die etwas befremdlich ja ist
      er liest diese Bücher die von sein intresse ja spricht
      LA LA LAAA!

      This is a feminist song and it is important that we all stand up for and fight for all women’s right to choose exactly the biology and pathology they want to have or identify themself with.

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