The Big Schabowski


Something really nasty happened today. My comrade Günter Schabowski made an error at a press conference which gave West Germans the possibility to cross the border to us here in the East. But this was just a joke that we used to laugh around about. So, now we have to deal with all these Mercedes cars and Coca Cola drinkers in our city. We have informed the border guards abut it.

This is how Schabowski is. A very nice fellow, a bit crazy sometimes. There is nothing sinister about him at all. But his mouth just seems to slip a bit sometimes, he can shout things out aloud at press conferences and regret it one second later.

Well, I still love our “Günther, The Destroyer of Walls” as we call him from now on. He will always be my best friend.

You can see the film about the event here.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen,

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